Community Based Distribution (CBD) Network

Community Based Distribution (CBD) is a strategy frequently used to overcome access barriers to family planning and health measures in developing countries.  PATH Foundation Philippines Inc. (PFPI) has ] over a decade of experience working with local governments, NGOs and communities to develop sustainable CBD mechanisms to address the needs of underserved rural populations living in remote hamlets of Southern Philippines.  Often the only institutions to be found in these hamlets are small sari-sari (convenience stores) operated by family entrepreneurs. PFPI capitalizes on the existence of these outlets and supports activities that build the capacity of sari-sari owners to deliver health and family planning information and products to the public using social marketing approaches, and to link with government referral centers for related health services. Currently PFPI is focusing its efforts on establishing and strengthening a network of 500 CBD agents in five provinces bordering two critical marine ecoregions, in collaboration with local governments, national social marketing entities and international development assistance agencies (see Map).  The range of products offered through CBD outlets is being expanded to include clean energy options (i.e., low-cost solar lights to replace kerosene lamps) as well as family planning and health commodities.