The Alternative Advocacy Project


The project is designed to increase policymaker’s awareness and support for integrated population-health-environment approached in the Danajon Eco region of the Central Visayas. The AAP promotes the linkages between FP/RH and natural resource management and sustainable development.

The goal of the project is to mainstream family planning and reproductive health as a “good practice” for a coastal resources management (CRM) strategy and as a means to promote food security. The project works towards: increasing the knowledge of policymakers on population issues and their implications on environment and food security; improving knowledge and skills of national and local executives to champion and implement PHE approaches to improved food security from marine resources

To achieve results, the main strategies employed by the project are:

  1. Constituency building for cross sectoral approaches to fisheries/coastal management that take population dynamics into consideration.
  2. Capacity building of local institutions to formulate integrated Population-Environment (P-E) plan to assure food security from the sea, particularly for coastal municipalities bordering the Danajon Double Barrier Reef.
  3. Create opportunities for policymakers from the Danajon to visit ongoing P-E projects in the country and interview community leaders and residents about the benefits and payoffs of integrated approaches.
  4. Cultivate and foster understanding, skills and a rational approach to interrelated problems of over-population, poverty and environmental decline in coastal Philippines.